Oregon SBHC Statewide Youth Action Council (SYAC)

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Statewide Youth Action Council Members in Bend, Oregon facilitating a training
in collaboration with Oregon Health Authority's Transformation Center


Meet the members of the 2016 Statewide Youth Action Council

James Biggers

James Biggers is a graduate of Clackamas High School and has been involved with the Statewide Youth Action Council as since 2013. His passion for the organization comes from his interests in marketing and lobbying as well as his advocacy for universal healthcare. He hopes to make a visible difference and increase the number of school-based health centers as well as improving the centers that already exist.


Meg Feely

Meg Feely is a current student at Portland State University, moving toward her degree in Biochemistry. She initially became involved in the OSBHA with her local YAC at David Douglas High School.  When she is not doing homework or promoting youth advocacy, Meg enjoys a nice plate of kung pao chicken and salad rolls. After Miss Feely finally finishes her degree in Biochemistry, she hopes to get into medical school to later get a job where she will be working toward making the world a healthier place every single day. 

Haylee Williams

 Haylee Williams recently graduated from Tigard High School, and she is in pursuit of landing a college scholarship while she explores her future career directions. She is passionate about lifting the voices of others and has most recently polished her public speaking and presentation skills during her testimony on behalf of school-based health centers in the House Education Committee. In her free time, Haylee thinks about how awesome Captain America is. He has a whole crew of advocates he can assemble in a matter of seconds, bringing everyone's strengths to the table to help build a better world.

Natalie Fossoy 

Natalie Fossoy attends Century High School. In her freetime, she enjoys loving her pets, listening to audiobooks, and writing. Along with being involved in her school’s Speech and Debate Team, Key Club, and SHAC, she is also the president of her school’s National Honors Society. She has a passion for service and bioethics, which has fueled her interest in persuing a career in pharmacy and being an advocate for improving the healthcare system. She strives to be able to impact the way accessing care is perceived and while also making it easier to access for all people, regardless of age, race, religion, gender identity, or socioeconomic status.


What is the Oregon SBHC Statewide Youth Action Council?

Youth voice is a critical priority for us at the Oregon-School Based Health Alliance. In 2010, we affirmed our commitment to ensuring youth have the power to share their voice in healthcare policy and decision-making by creating the Statewide Youth Action Council, a youth-adult partnership promoting the value of school-based health across Oregon. Today OSBHA offers this leadership opportunity to young people who are interested in becoming a voice not only for their own health, but the health of their peers and community. 

Students involved in SYAC have the opportunity to plan, facilitate, and participate in dynamic professional development activities and events across Oregon. SYAC members help plan statewide conferences, speak publicly about health and wellness issues affecting young people, meet with legislators to advocate for school-based health, and train providers in how to provide youth friendly care. Statewide Youth Action Council leaders serve as representatives for the OSBHA in peer-led trainings, advocacy campaigns, and presentations. OSBHA serves as an advisor to the council, helping with logistics and sharing the Statewide Youth Action Council views and projects to local, state, and national partners. 

What does a Statewide Youth Action Council member do?

  • Advocate on behalf of school-based health care
  • Organize statewide events and trainings for youth and community members.
  • Lead statewide marketing campaigns to promote adolescent health
  • Attend meetings, phone conferences, or web conferences.

Who can apply to be a Statewide Youth Action Council member?

All youth ages 15-22 who have experience with their local school-based health center can apply! Although OSBHA is based in Portland, we welcome students from across Oregon to participate.

Can't make it to meetings in Portland? OSBHA can help connect you with the SYAC remotely via Skype or conference call. Contact Megan at megan@osbha.org for more information