Investment in School Health Capacity

How Schools Work and How To Work With Schools

Spring has proven to be a busy time for SBHCs as they bring this school-year to a close and begin looking ahead to next year’s priorities, programs, and projects. Here at the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance, we’ve been finalizing project plans with next year’s new round of CORE grantees (keep your eyes open for a 2014-2015 CORE recipient announcement soon!). 

Over the years, OSBHA has learned many invaluable lessons about how to build collaborative relationships with school administrators, teachers, SBHC staff, and adolescents. We were very excited to see helpful guidelines and recommendations for SBHCs interested in working closely with policymakers, school administrators, teachers, and other school staff to improve student health and well-being outlined in How Schools Work & How to Work with Schools recently released by the National Association of State Boards of Education. Some of the most relevant portions of this resource are listed below:

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