Awareness Tool Kit

Building a Movement - Awareness Tool Kit

The Awareness Tool Kit provides you with some tried and tested guidance for planning and implementing SBHC Awareness activities in your community. Please use it, recommend additions, and help increase the champions for SBHCs.


Building a Movement
Governor’s 2012 Proclamation of Awareness Month
Building Awareness:
Ideas for Youth and Community Councils
Ideas to Get You Started: Engaging students, schools, families, and others
A to Z of Awareness: Youth Generated Awareness Building Ideas--- have you interviewed a local hero? Duck Fans--what would the Duck say about SBHC; what about a high school champion, or a local doctor?
Visit the Keeping It Local section below for tips on conducting a tour/holding an open house.

Telling Your Story
Share Your Story--Story Form
•  10 Ways to Share Your Story
•  Create an Action Plan to Tell Your Story  | PDF version


Keeping It Local: Conduct an SBHC Tour
Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill used to say, “All politics are local.” It is critical to build relationships with our local communities and elected officials—the more they know you and the issues you care about, the more likely they are to support those issues.
• 14 Steps to a Successful Tour 


Raising Awareness through the Media
2011 Awareness Month Press Release Template
•  Tips on Writing a Press Release/Sample Release
•  NASBHC Press Release, February 2011
•  Statewide Media Contact List (Excel Spreadsheet)
•  Guide to Using Statewide Media Contact List
•  Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds: Tips and Samples
•  Sample Public Service Announcements
•  Newsletters and Publications

Building Relationships with Legislators
Legislators are People, Too!
•  State Legislators: who they are and how to work with them
•  From Massachusetts: Getting Legislators out of the State House and Into the School House
•  NASBHC's Tour Guide for Congressional Visits
•  Engaging Candidates and Elected Officials on SBHC Issues at Forums


2011 Legislative Session--Oregon
Find Your Legislator
• Oregon Senate Committees 2011
• Session Calendar
• Memo on Session Calendar


About SBHCs in Oregon
What is the Network?
What are School-Based Health Centers?
• SBHC:  What it is and Why it works
• Educator Fact Sheet - courtesy of Sacajawea Health Center
• Healthy Students are Better Students 
• Map of State Certified SBHCs in Oregon 2011


NASBHC Fact Sheets:
25 Article and Studies Supporting SBHC Services
•  Article: Unlocking the Benefits of SBHCs
•  SBHCs and SCHIP and Medicaid Reimbursement
•  SBHCs and Obesity Prevention
•  SBHCs and Cost Savings
•  Benefits of SBHCs
•  SBHCs and Access to Health Care

Other Useful links by NASBHC:

Health Care Reform and SBHCs
•  NASBHC's Federal Action Center

 We owe a debt of thanks to the Massachusetts Coalition of School Based Health and the National Assembly on School Based Health Care for the use of some of their materials.

Awareness Day Archives - we'll refer to this in 2013!

Advocacy Day Master Planning Book
Download this booklet so that you have everything you need to know at your fingertips!

Advocacy Day Checklist
This is a nice reminder of the major steps

Schedule of the day

Story release form (please bring TWO COPIES of your stories with your signature)

Travel Request  We offer reimbursements to groups

Make Appointments with
Elected Officials

Call your legislators and ask them for 15 minutes of their time.

Alert the Media
Send a press release to your local news publishers, tv and radio stations


Visitor Services in the State Capitol has parking information:  503- 986-1388

City Parking Passes:
The $6.00 passes are sold in Room 49 at State Capitol. These passes may be used in any 10 hour metered parking spaces within the area defined on the back of the pass. They allow you to park all day.

Metered Parking:
10-hour visitor meters are located on Court Street. They require (approximately .75/per hour.)