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What is a school-based health center? School-based health centers (SBHCs) provide quality primary and mental health services in schools where kids spend their days – keeping them healthier, in school and ready to learn. How many school-based health centers are in Oregon? There are 55 certified SBHCs and 7 sites in development (planning sites) in 22 counties throughout Oregon. Download the state map here! Click here to reset your search
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CDC's School Health Education Resources 7-18-2013
Return on Investments in Public Health and Prevention, Policy Highlight Brief, Oct 2011, RWFJ (pdf) 5-30-2013
Education Reform Recommendations 2011, Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition (pdf) 5-30-2013
Update on CCO Process and How to Promote SBHC Inclusion, 12.8.11, e-newsletter 5-30-2013
School-Based Programs to Reduce Bullying and Victimization, Farrington, 2010, pdf 5-30-2013
How Effective are School Bullying Intervention Programs? Merrel & Isava, 2008, pdf 5-30-2013
Getting Serious About Preventing Bullying, Espleage 5-30-2013
After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools (pdf) 5-30-2013
SBHCs' Role in Improving Health Equity, Reducing Health Disparities - NASBHC (pdf) 11-29-2011
A Graphic View of Poverty in Oregon - OCPP Fact Sheet 11.9.11 (PDF) 11-29-2011
CCO Talking Points for SBHC Advocates (doc) 11-17-2011
Healthy Kids Outdoors Act of 2011 (Word Doc) 11-9-2011
Children First for Oregon 2011 Progress Report (pdf) 11-9-2011
Sugary Drink FACTS - Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity 11-3-2011
Blank Fundraising Event Planning Guide - Word Doc 11-2-2011
Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Youth: A Practitioners Guide 11-2-2011
Does Delivering Preventive Services in Primary Care Reduce Adolescent Risky Behavior? (pdf article) 11-2-2011
2011 Conference - Influencing School Policy - Brad Victor, Jessica Duke 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Where Do We Go From Here - Lead by Paula Hester 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Marketing and Social Media - Dan Herman 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Bullying and Nonviolent Communications - Kathy Masarie, MD 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Partnerships, Collaborations, and Coalitions - Lawrence Piper, Michael Ralls 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - "Bring Back Health" Youth Advocate Training (Pts 1 & 2) - Statewide Youth Advisory Council 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Community Schools: Leveraging Resources for Student Success - D. Hall, T. Eby, A. McGill, C. Bartman 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Medical Coding for Medicaid - Jane Speyer, Carley Spangler 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - A Look into Bright Futures - Kristen Case, Maxine Fookson 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Healthy Kids = Healthy Schools - Betse Thielman, Smantha Shepherd, Rebecca Witherow 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Bullying and Relational Aggression: Why Can't We Get Along? - Kathy Masarie 11-1-2011
2011 Conference - Working with Clients on Healthy Weight Managment - Jennifer Young 11-1-2011
CDC Student Health and Academic Achievement Webpage 10-27-2011
Spitfire Smart Chart 3.0 - Planning Guide (pdf) 10-11-2011
Forging Partnerships with Parents, Delivering Adolescent Confidential Helath Services, Article, JAH (pdf) 9-21-2011
What Do Principals Say about Their Work? Implications for Addressing Barriers to Learning and School Improvement (Policy Breif) 8-10-2011
What Do Principals Say about Their Work? Implications for Addressing Barriers to Learning and School Improvement (Policy Breif) 8-10-2011
Mobile and Portable Dental Services in Preschool and School Settings: Coplex Issues (Issue Brief) 8-9-2011
Study: A Brief Social-Belonging Intervention Improves Academic and Health Outcomes of Minority Students (pdf) 6-16-2011
Addressing Coverage Challenges for Children Under the Affordable Care Act by the Urban Institute (web link) 6-10-2011
CareOregon 2010 Annual Report (pdf) 6-9-2011
Canby High School "Talk About It" Campaign (You Tube video) 6-7-2011
"Making Kids Health and Ready to Learn" June 1,2011 Portland Observer Article (webpage) 6-7-2011
National Chlamydia Coalition (Website) 6-7-2011
MTV Get Yourself Tested Campaign (Website) 6-7-2011
Adolescent Sexuality Webinar - CDC (Power Point) 6-7-2011
Love Is Respect (website) 5-26-2011
Start Strong Teens (website) 5-26-2011
Reaching Adolescent Males Through School-Based Health 5-26-2011 5-26-2011 5-26-2011
Central Oregonian Article on Opening of Crooked River Elementary SBHC 5-26-2011
Contracting with an FCHP 4-5-2011