Health Care Transformation: CCO and PCPCH Information

When Did Health Care Begin to Transform in Oregon?

In 2011 the Oregon Legislature and Governor John Kitzhaber created Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) through House Bill 3650, aimed at achieving the Triple Aim of improving health, increasing the availability of quality care and lowering costs by transforming the delivery of health care. Essential elements of that transformation are:

  • Integration and coordination of benefits and services;
  • Local accountability for health and resource allocation;
  • Standards for safe and effective care; and
  • A global Medicaid budget tied to a sustainable rate of growth

House Bill 3650 was passed in March 2012.

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SBHC Summit: The Reality of Health Care Transformation

The SBHC Summit, held March 15 & 16, 2012, convened over 20 SBHC representatives to learn where school-based health care aligns with Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes (PCPCHs) and CCOs.  National, state, and local presenters posed and answered some tough questions.  The take-away messages were: 1) SBHCs already provide patient-centered primary care; 2) SBHCs can qualify to be PCPCHs; 3) Partnerships are critical; and 4) SBHCs add an important voice to the conversation.

PowerPoint from Presenters

John Schlitt National Update from NASBHC

Bob Nystrom Update from State

Transforming Oregon Health Plan with Dr. Jeanene Smith

PCPCH Presentation from Dawn Creach and Nicole Merrithew

Rosalyn Liu from State Program Office

Healthy Kids Presentation

Handouts Given at SBHC Summit:


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