Oregon SBHC Statewide Youth Action Council (SYAC)

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Meet the members of the 2014 Statewide Youth Action Council

Skye Garrett, Operations Director

Skye has been a devoted SBHC advocate since 2011 at Milwaukie High School and is now serving on the Statewide Youth Action Council as the Operations Director. Her passion for OSBHA derived from having volunteered at the nonprofit organization CHAP. Skye wanted to make a difference in the lives of those terminally ill children by supporting the School-Based Health Centers. She recently graduated from Milwaukie High School and is now balancing the duties of Operations Director and two jobs. Through a highly selective class, she interned in various departments of Providence and Kaiser hospitals, which has inspired her to start her pre-requisites for nursing in the winter in hopes of becoming a nurse in the operating room, and continuing her education and becoming a Surgeon's First Assistant in the future. 

Toby Rubel, Financial Director

Toby is currently a participant of the Gateway to College Program at Portland Community College and serves as the Communications Director for the Statewide Youth Action Council. He grew up in Durango, Colorado and moved to Oregon when he was 13 years old. His passion for healthcare stems from his own experiences as a chronically ill teen, as well as his childhood in which he was raised by a frequently ill mother. He plans to attend college with a focus in marketing and views the SYAC as an opportunity to explore his interests in business and marketing. In his free time Toby enjoys downhill skateboarding and writing in the 3rd person.

James Biggers, Communications Director

James Biggers is a senior at Clackamas High School and has been involved with the Statewide Youth Action Council as the Communications Director since 2013. His passion for the organization comes from his interests in marketing and lobbying as well as his advocacy for universal healthcare. He hopes to make a visible difference and increase the number of school-based health centers as well as improving the centers that already exist.


Ketchura Antione, Outreach Director

Ketchura's commitment to SYAC comes from her compassionate attitude toward the well-being of others. Ketchura is interested in a degree in social work or medicine. She believes that the Statewide YAC is an excellent way to further her knowledge about the importance of advocating for others. Ketchura will be graduating from '15 as a cheerleader and BSU member at Grant High School.


Julia Hakes, Statewide YAC Coordinator

Julia has been working in youth education for the past four years and views the Youth Action Council as an exciting way for youth to work together to advocate for school-based health care.
As former high school teacher and youth, Julia utilizes her professional and personal experience to collaborate with the SYAC on upcoming projects. In her free time Julia enjoys hanging out with her cats and eating burritos.

What is the Oregon SBHC Statewide Youth Action Council?

Youth advocacy has always been a part of the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance efforts, and in 2010 these efforts came into a sharper focus with the creation of the Statewide Youth Action Council. Today OSBHA has the pleasure to offer this ongoing leadership opportunity to many who are interested in becoming a voice not only for their own health, but the health of their peers and community. 

Students involved in SYAC have the great opportunity to plan, facilitate, and participate in many different events and outreach activities. A variety of leadership opportunities include planning statewide conferences, speaking publically about many different health and youth wellness topics. Statewide Youth Action Council leaders serve as representatives for the OSBHA in a number of different settings, including peer-led trainings, advocacy campaigns, and presentations. Oregon SBHA serves as an advisor to the council, helping with logistics and sharing the Statewide Youth Action Council views and projects to local, state, and national partners. 

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What does a Statewide Youth Action Council member do?

  • Advocate on behalf of school-based health care!
  • Organize statewide events and trainings for youth and community members.
  • Lead statewide marketing campaigns to promote adolescent health
  • Attend meetings, phone conferences, or web conferences.

Who can apply to be a Statewide Youth Action Council member?

All youth ages 15-22 who have experience with their local school-based health center can apply! Although Oregon SBHA is based in Portland, we welcome students from across Oregon to participate.

Can't make it to meetings in Portland? Oregon SBHA can help connect you with the SYAC remotely via Skype or conference call.