FAQ: Student Health Advocates

Who is eligible to apply?
You must be a high school or college youth living in the state of Oregon. 
What is the time commitment?
The Student Health Advocates meet one to two times a month from 6-7:30pm. 
I don’t have past leadership experience. Can I still apply? 
Yes! We believe passion and willingness to learn are two key components in being a successful Student Health Advocate. Plus, you can and will get leadership experience when you join.
I’ve never participated in a group like this before. What if I don’t fit in?
At the beginning of the program, we will create ground rules and set expectations in order to maintain and uphold a safe and inclusive environment. We will also plan team building activities throughout the school year to help build relationships within the group! Don’t forget you will be joining a group that shares the same interest in health equity as you. You already have something in common!  
I have accessibility needs, will you be providing accommodations? 
Yes! We have a spot on the application form asking if you have accessibility needs, please be sure to fill out what your needs are. We will make sure you have what you need to be successful in applying and beyond.   
How will I get paid? Do I need a bank account? 
We give a $250/year stipend compensation per SHA member if 10 out of 13  meetings are attended. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
I’ve applied. Now what? 
OSBHA will look at submissions from the application form once the deadline has closed on September 30th at 5pm PDT, and we will reach out to you the following week on next steps. 
Who should I contact for further information?
For more information please contact Asia Gates, the Youth Engagement Coordinator at asia@osbha.org.