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COVID-19 Update - Where can I get food assistance?


If you are looking for food resources, check with your school district to see what their plan is. 
Most districts have grab and go food available for students, many for all children in their area 1-18.  Some are for pick up at schools, and others are delivering to bus stations. 

COVID-19 Update - Which SBHCs are open in Oregon?


This information has been provided by the Oregon Health Authority from a poll of School-Based Health Centers across the state.  It is accurate as of March 19th, 2020, and we recommend checking in with your SBHC after that date to see if things have changed.  We are also likely to see some SBHCs close for Spring Break, and then assess their status after break, either coming back or deploying resources elsewhere.  

I’m healthy! / ¡Soy sano! launches

The Safety Net Capacity Grant Program, now known as I’m healthy! (¡Soy sano! in Spanish) is in full swing. Through a network of more than 30 partner organizations—including safety net clinics and community-based organizations—I’m healthy! connects children and teens to free primary and preventive health care services.


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