Oregon HPV Vaccination Week & Youth Voice


Aug 13, 2019

At OSBHA, we believe youth voice is critical to healthcare programming, policy, and advocacy. We strive to center the youth voice in everything that we do, and we are actively engaging in practices that redistribute, share and build power with youth to change systems of inequity. When OSBHA Student Health Advocates were invited to submit a proposal to present at the 2018 Oregon HPV Summit,...

YAC and YouthLine: The Importance of Integrating Mental Health and Wellness in YAC’s to Progressively Advocate for Healthy Lifestyles

Student Health Advocates

Jul 3, 2019

  This blog post is by Trace Terrell, a member of La Pine High School Youth Action Council  Hello everybody! My name is Trace Terrell, im 15, and I am involved with YouthLine: a free, confidential, teen-to-teen crisis help support hotline for teens, and in my schools YAC (Youth Action Council). This blog post represents my personal views, not those of the YAC or YouthLine...

Creating Engaging & Powerful YAC Projects Pt. 2

Student Health Advocates

Jun 12, 2019

YAC projects provide opportunities for students to collaborate, build skills, and advocate for their communities. Engaging projects are also essential for retention of YAC members. In this follow-up to last year’s webinar, you will hear from youth and YAC Coordinators who are creating powerful YAC projects in their communities. The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (...

Funneling Anger Constructively: A Beginner’s Guide to Contacting Your Representatives

Student Health Advocates

May 16, 2019

  This blog post is by James Biggers, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.  If you’re anything like me you have a lot of opinions. Many of those opinions relate to the well-being of ourselves, our friends and family, and our society as a whole. As a result we feel passionately and struggle with frustration if we feel as if there is nothing we...

Finishing The School Year Strong!

Student Health Advocates

May 14, 2019

This blog post is by Destiny Ogbeama, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.    As the school year comes to a close students everywhere are struggling to have the motivation to finish strong. Everything seems to be happening so fast and youth have trouble taking it all in at once. Without finding the proper way to address their needs they end up taking unhealthy...

5 Tips about Self Care during Spring

Student Health Advocates

May 8, 2019

Good Studio/Adobe Stock
This blog post is by Mira Hukill, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.    Self-care is important all the time no matter what time of year it is. However, with the end of the school year there’s AP testing, final report cards and for some of us, graduation. Spring seems so busy with other things as well, it’s stressful! It can be easy to throw self-care out of...

Are you Attending the National School-Based Health Care Convention?

May 2, 2019

This year, OSBHA staff & Student Health Advocates will be attending this year's National School-Based Health Care Convention, happening in D.C. June 23-26! The convention is an opportunity for fellow school-based health care professionals and advocates to connect and explore new ways health centers are serving...

Youth Blog: Juuling

Student Health Advocates

May 1, 2019

This blog post is by Madeleine Wheelock, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.  Although they deny it, JUUL as well as many other e-cigarette companies’ widely attract teens into using their products. They market them with bright colors and flavors as well as a lifestyle that’s attractive to youth. As teens get more and more used to the sight of JUULs and other...

Thank you for joining us at School Health Advocacy Day 2019!


Mar 7, 2019

Over 100 Oregon students joined us on February 28 for School Health Advocacy Day 2019. Students facilitated 27 meetings with their legislators to discuss the importance of school-based health services. Our annual School Health Advocacy Day is the only youth-driven advocacy event that supports school-based health services in Oregon. School Health Advocacy Day provides an opportunity for youth...

Youth Blog: Students Want More Informative Health Classes

Student Health Advocates

Mar 6, 2019

This blog post is by Sienna Day, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.  The Milwaukie High School Youth Action Council is currently conducting a Youth Participatory Action Research Project. As the leader of this council, I am proud to present some of our most recent findings. As a group, we have identified the North Clackamas health curriculum as a focus. With this focus,...