They Did What On Facebook!?

Haylee Williams

Oct 20, 2016

The Brookings Harbor High School YAC Takes Advocacy to Facebook The Brookings Harbor High School YAC wanted everyone to know why SBHCs are so important to the community. They also wanted the district and their fellow students to know exactly what services are available at the SBHC. They wanted to take their advocacy to the next level so….   In partnership...

Oregon School-Based Health Alliance and Trauma Informed Schools

Sep 22, 2016

Oregon School-Based Health Alliance and Trauma Informed Schools   Portland, Oregon, September 22nd, 2016 - In the 2016 legislative session, the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA), with support from the Defending Childhood Initiative, Oregon Health Authority, Gladstone School District, Trauma Informed Oregon, Alliance4Kids, the Oregon Education Association...

They say not all superheroes wear capes but can we get neon green tights? No seriously Aquaman looked America’s Next Top Model ready in a pair of those

Haylee Williams

Sep 12, 2016

Who are these people that want neon green tights?   Well “these people” are actually the Statewide Youth Action Council aka Superheroes of Health as we dubbed ourselves at this year's Awareness Day. Sounds exclusive? In a way it is-- superheroes of health are youth health advocates. (More on how you can join the squad later). We are the Statewide Youth Action...

Trauma Informed Schools Internship

Aug 24, 2016

The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance is Seeking a Trauma Informed Schools Intern.  Reports to: Policy Director Internship, 20-hours per week   Summary: OSBHA will be providing technical assistance to two schools as they create a trauma informed culture, and is seeking an intern to provide project support for an average of 20 hours per week.   Background on Trauma...

Kaiser Permanente Northwest Awards Grant to Oregon School Based Health Alliance

Aug 22, 2016

Lane County, Oregon, July 25th, 2016 - The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA) has received funding from Kaiser Permanente for Phase 2 of Lane County work to promote sustainability of school-based health centers.  Phase 1, also funded by Kaiser Permanente, began in Fall 2015, led by OSBHA and consultants Tracy Ellis and Megan Shultz of Transformational Community Alignment (TCA)....

Social Media Intern Haylee Williams

Aug 16, 2016

Oregon School Based Health Alliance welcomes a new Social Media Intern, Haylee Williams to our team. We are all excited to work with her this year.  Over the past year Haylee has dedicated most of her time to serving on the Statewide Youth Action Council. On the council she has had the opportunity to host health events, create and execute trainings for local health care workers,...

School-Based Health Centers to Promote Health Equity

Aug 2, 2016

The CDC Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends placing SBHCs in low income communities to improve educational and health outcomes. See a summary here. For more in depth information, find the full report here.  

New Funding Available for Services to Uninsured Kids

Maureen Hinman

Jul 5, 2016

Updated 7/13/16: NEW Deadline for both RFGPs is August 5, 2016 and the archived webinars are available here. In 2015 the Oregon Latino Health Coalition led the Oregon Health Equity Alliance, including OSBHA, to advocate for funding for kids that remain uninsured despite healthcare reform. This work resulted in a $10 million allocation to the Safety Net Capacity Grant Program within the...