They say not all superheroes wear capes but can we get neon green tights? No seriously Aquaman looked America’s Next Top Model ready in a pair of those

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Welcome Superheroes of Health

Who are these people that want neon green tights?
Well “these people” are actually the Statewide Youth Action Council aka Superheroes of Health as we dubbed ourselves at this year's Awareness Day. Sounds exclusive? In a way it is-- superheroes of health are youth health advocates. (More on how you can join the squad later). We are the Statewide Youth Action Council (SYAC) and we work to plan, facilitate, and participate in a variety of events and outreach projects related to promoting better health outcomes for all youth in Oregon. As SYAC leaders we serve as the OSBHA’s representatives at peer-led trainings, advocacy campaigns, and legislative awareness events. We meet and engage with many audiences-- everyone from senators to school administration, to health care professionals. We even host events for us youth only. Yea that’s right! We have events where the old people aren’t invited and we as a collective youth sit and discuss what we want them to do for us. We talk about what we want to see in our school based health centers, what we’ve learned in our health classes, or what legislation is out there that advocates for our wellness.

Why do neon green tights wearing youth advocates want to blog?

First the neon green tights aren’t a definite thing; none of us actually own a pair. Yet. Secondly as SYAC we have decided to create a space in which we can connect our work with that of high school youth advisory councils, SHACs (student health action councils), leadership groups, local health organizations and the like. This blog is one step in many to broadcast the amazing work we Superheroes of Health do in the community. It’s also a place for sharing resources, spreading positivity, youth empowerment, and promotion of what matters most to us as Oregon youth. We want to make sure the youth voice isn’t lost and that we connect with each other.

The future of green tights  

2016 has proven to be a year of change here at the OSBHA. One of which being the welcoming of the OSBHA’s new Program Manager Megan Kovacs who goes above and beyond to advise us and work out the logistics of our many trainings, events, and meetings. We are hoping that includes finding us all neon green tights, capes, and a batmobile. Because go big or go home right? With the OSBHA team beside us, SYAC is excited for this coming year's projects and opportunities to interact with you: Oregon’s youth! We aim to amplify all our voices and create a community of Superheroes of Health!

Becoming a Superhero of Health (green tights edition)

The Statewide Youth Action Council (SYAC) is always looking for new members! What we do: advocate for youth wellness. What we wear: hypothetical green tights. And our not-so-secret identities: Superheroes of Health. But what does that have to do with you? Being a Superhero of Health isn’t exclusive to just serving on the SYAC. It includes you as a young person or adult ally who cares about youth health and its advocacy. Lots of work supporting this mission comes from school clubs, local organizations and individuals who volunteer in many different capacities to promote youth wellness. In short, anyone can be a Superhero of Health. We are using this platform (Instagram and Twitter are following closely behind) to be a safe, youth created space for all things health for young people. We hope you continue to read our blog and connect with us
Superheroes of Health Assemble!
If you want to join our team at SYAC just contact us by emailing our Program Manager Megan Kovacs at :