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Urgent Legislative Action Alert
Support Health and Wellness in Schools

All Children and youth deserve optimal health and academic success.  The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance is working with partners across the state to support health and wellness in schools through HB 2048, which provides support for School-based health center expansion, school-based mental health providers and trauma informed schools pilots. 

We need you to contact your Legislators TODAY to ask them to support HB 2408 by passing the bill to Ways and Means where we can continue to discuss these vital needs for school health. 

Representative Greenlick
Representative Cedric Hayden
Representative Rob Nosse
Representative Teresa Alonso Leon
Representative Knute Buehler
​Representative Jodi Hack
Representative Bill Kennemer
​Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
Representative Sheri Malstrom

Ask these legislators to pass HB 2408 out of House Health Care and onto Ways and Means.

What to tell them:

Subject: Pass HB 2408 Support Health and Wellness in Schools

 Schools are the heart of our communities and it is essential that Oregon support the health of all students. Health disparities and school absenteeism disproportionately affect low-income children, students from certain racial and ethnic groups, and those with disabilities. Providing health services in schools, where kids are, is a solution. We support creating wellness in schools by advocating for:
  • School-based health centers (SBHCs) provide physical, mental health, and preventive services to young people in schools. This reduces barriers to care and keep kids in their seats ready to learn.
  • The school-based mental health expansion fund is run by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and provides funding to place mental health providers in schools and SBHCs. 
  • Research shows that adverse childhood experiences, or traumas, are a barrier to academic success, and can have serious long-term health impacts. In 2016, funds were appropriated to pilot trauma informed schools but funding was only available for one year of the three year pilot. Two additional years are needed to provide comprehensive implementation and evaluation. 
House Bill 2408 supports school health and wellness.  Please pass the bill out of House Health Care to Ways and Means.

More Information on HB 2408 

Use the information in the link above to add to your email, or attach the document and send to the legislators. Thank you for your continued support of School Health and Wellness.