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School-Based Health Alliance


School-Based Health Center (SBHC) COVID-19 Listening and Learning Sessions

The School-Based Health Alliance invites SBHC sponsor organizations and administrators and SBHC primary care and behavioral health clinicians to join their peers from across the nation to discuss, share, and learn from each other on how SBHCs are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the Alliance does not have all the answers, we want to provide support to SBHCs by connecting like individuals and facilitating peer-to-peer listening and learning opportunities.

Each week, through May 21st, we will host two listening and learning sessions. We will announce the topic and registration link for each week’s session a week ahead of time. The May 5th and 7th  sessions will focus on re-entry for SBHCs amid COVID-19. We will record each session and post the archives on our website.

REGISTER HERE: We invite SBHC sponsors/administrators and SBHC primary care and behavioral health clinicians to register for the virtual listening and learning opportunities by clicking on their respective link below:

SAVE THE DATES: Save the dates for additional listening and learning sessions (topics TBD):

SBHC Sponsors/Administrators:
  • May 11 @2pm EST
  • May 19@1pm EST
SBHC Primary Care/Behavioral Health Clinicians:
  • May 13@ 2 pm EST
  • May 21 @1pm EST

The Alliance remains open and working to meet the new needs of our field. For more COVID specific information and updates for SBHCs and Alliance efforts, visit: