SBHC 2012-2013 State-Level Data

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School-based health centers have been in Oregon for nearly 30 years! SBHCs have succeeded through unique public-private partnerships between the Oregon Public Health Division, school districts, county public health departments, public and private practitioners, parents, students, and community members. School-based health care has come so far since the first SBHC at Roosevelt High School in 1986 to now sixty-eight SBHCs statewide and counting. We want to give you some data on SBHC use from 2012-2013 so you can learn how and why SBHCs serve their communities.

22,408 clients were served by SBHCs in Oregon last year with 65,705 visits total from Oregon youth.  The most common reasons youth used their SBHC were: a routine child health exam, contraception management, and a flu vaccine with 44.2 percent of those who accessed their clinics being male and 55.8 percent female. As well as providing medical care, some SBHCs in Oregon also provide mental health and dental services. Last year nearly 18 percent of all SBHC visits were for a mental health concerns. Half (50.7 percent) of SBHC visits were provided by nurse practitioners, only 5.1 percent visits were provided by medical doctors, and even less by dental providers: 1.1 percent.

In the last year, 37.6 percent of visits were billed through the Oregon Health Plan and 17.3 percent were billed through private insurance. Some 43.1 percent of clients served in 2012-2013 were unable to bill any insurance. But with our current health care transformation and Primary Care Patient Centered Home Recognition (42.6 percent of SBHCs recognized) as well as 64.7 percent of SBHCs that are sponsored by Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), we hope to see better billing practices in the coming years.

The continued growth in services and expansion of SBHCs across Oregon make us here at OSBHA excited to see the current number of Oregon School-aged children with access to an SBHC (54,233) grow to ensure that all children and youth in Oregon are healthy, learning, and thriving!

For more information about SBHCs in Oregon, explore our site and contact us!