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Calling all Advocates!

Recently the co-chairs of the Ways and Means Committee, the legislative budget writing committee, released a proposed budget that puts our kids at risk. The proposal includes a significant cut to the state SBHC budget of $2-$3 million. This means school-based health centers are in danger of losing significant and necessary funding. 
The Ways and Means Human Services Sub-Committee and the co-chairs of the full Ways and Means Committee needs to hear from YOU to make sure SBHCs maintain their current funding. 
To contact co-chairs of the Ways and Means Committee email:
To contact the Ways and Means Human Services Sub-Committee, email:
 Thanks for your time and energy support SBHCs across the state!
For more information contact Policy Director Maureen Hinman at

Don't know what to say?
Here’s a suggestion:
School-based health centers provide critical primary care and mental health services to students in my community, making healthcare more accessible for Oregon’s youth. I urge you to continue to fund school-based health centers, so that students in my community continue to have the ability to stay healthy, to learn, and to thrive. 
Then, personalize it:
If a student, “when I needed x, the SBHC was there for me. Without them I wouldn’t have….”
If a parent, “my son/daughter/kiddo really needed to access x at the SBHC. I was so glad they were there for them. Without the SBHC I would have had to miss work. I’m grateful the SBHC was there to provide x to my kiddo.”
If an SBHC staff person, “in our SBHC we provide physical, mental health, and prevention services and students come for all of those. I have had students with suicidal ideation, etc”, or even better choose a student that the SBHC impacted and that impacted you and, mindful of confidentiality, tell their story.
Finish with:
A cut of $2.5 million dollars translates to $10 million lost in additional private, foundation, and insurance/Medicaid funding. Kids' health and education is a is a priority and SBHCs are a cost effective investment.

Legislators love to hear from youth about their experience with SBHCS! Get youth to make a short 1-2 min video about why SBHCs are important to them and email it to the committee!