Support Reducing Absenteeism in Schools by Contacting Your Legislator Today

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We are thrilled that HB 4031 "The Coordinated Student Success Act" has unanimously passed out of the House Education Committee, but we still have work to do! Right now, our bill is sitting in Ways and Means where legislators decide which bills get funded. Legislators are more likely to act on our bill if they get enough requests to do so. We want their mailboxes to be full and their phones to ring off the hook because of advocates for youth like you. It will only take one minute to make a call or a couple of minutes to fill in our letter template.

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Here's How You Can Help

(1) Contact your legislators and tell them you support HB 4031: HB 4031 authorizes funding for a pilot program for trauma-informed school environments. 
Phone calls and emails are highly effective. Find your legislator now.
(2) Send emails and letters and make phone calls showing support of HB 4031 to the co-chairs of the Ways and Means Committee: 

Senator Richard Devlin (503.986.1719)
Representative Peter Buckley (503.986.1405)  

Sample Letter
Download a PDF version of the letter here.

For more information or if you have questions, contact Maureen Hinman at or 503-719-4515.