Creating Engaging & Powerful YAC Projects Pt. 2

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YAC projects provide opportunities for students to collaborate, build skills, and advocate for their communities. Engaging projects are also essential for retention of YAC members. In this follow-up to last year’s webinar, you will hear from youth and YAC Coordinators who are creating powerful YAC projects in their communities.

The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA) offers this webinar on Creating Engaging & Powerful YAC Projects Pt. 2 through a contract with the SBHC State Program Office (SPO).


Webinar Speakers Include: 
Ashley McAllister, OSBHA Program Manager
Sienna Day, OSBHA Student Health Advocate
Hannah Smith, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Milwaukie High School Health & Wellness Center
Tricia Schroffner, Nurse Practitioner, Churchill High School
Kelby Christ, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Deschutes County Health Services
Drew Docter, AmeriCorps VISTA, Deschutes County Health Services