What's That You(th) Say?

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In a recent Op-Ed piece, Fyona Rose with Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon’s Youth Action Council confirmed the importance of “treating youth as valued members in our community” by integrating their voices into decisions made about health care and education.  The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance recognizes that young people make thoughtful choices about their health when they have access to high-quality health services that engage youth as partners in promoting adolescent health.

Since 2007, OSBHA has provided technical assistance, training, and funding support to 43 school-based health centers in 12 counties to help connect youth with information and community resources about their sexual health. Successfully enhancing adolescents’ awareness, attitudes, and behaviors about sexual decision-making is often bolstered by youth-led awareness campaigns and health promotion activities. We believe that when young people have a voice in defining and identifying programs that support their needs, they feel empowered to make positive health choices and inspire their peers to do the same. So, the next time you find yourself engaged in a conversation with an adolescent about sexual health, consider directing them to one of the youth-driven resources below.

Sex, etcThis website for youth, by youth provides comprehensive sex ed information including stories and a blog written by teen staff writers and national contributors.

Scarleteen.com -  Contains over 200 comprehensive sexuality, health and relationship articles, guides and factsheets; over 1,000 in-depth advice answers; and a collective blog. Content is written by adult and teen/young adult educators and writers.

We Are Here – Q Center’s youth and young adult blogspace, dedicated to LGBTQ individuals ages 12-24. Features stories by and about young queer people.