OSBHA November Newsletter

In our November newsletter, two OSBHA Student Health Advocates share about the impact COVID-19 has had on their lives. Thank you to Azucena and E for sharing your experiences and photos with us.

OSBHA October Newsletter

In our October newsletter, we interview Jen Shin, the new Operations Manager at OSBHA!

This month, we're welcoming Jen Shin to OSBHA as our new Operations Manager. We're so thrilled to have her on our team. Jen answered some questions about her passions and what brings her to OSBHA.

What brings you to this work?

OSBHA September Newsletter

In our September newsletter, Zeenia Junkeer shares about the importance of disaggregated data and addressing systemic racism.

OSBHA August Newsletter

In our August newsletter, we share our SBHC school reopening guidelines, federal and state policy updates, and a funding opportunity.


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