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They Did What On Facebook!?

The Brookings Harbor High School YAC wanted everyone to know why SBHCs (School-Based Health Centers) are so important to the community. They also wanted the district and their fellow students to know exactly what services are available at the SBHC. They wanted to take their advocacy to the next level so….
In partnership with Allcare Health the YAC created a Facebook advertisement. Yea we know its NBD. Everybody spends their time advocating for SBHCs and making Facebook Ads, totally typical.
Just kidding! This is outside the box advocacy! And as the Statewide Youth Action Council we thought this project was #amazing you all rocked it!

Side Note: Don’t forget about us when the NFL features you guys during the Super Bowl Ads
(aka the biggest stage for any advertisement ever)

The Videos 

Brookings Harbor High worked hard and created a 30 second advertisement that encompasses the services of their SBHC reminding everyone that

It’s all here for students to utilize and benefit from"

And in their full length youtube video we go “Behind the Scenes” and get a visual tour of the Brookings health center as one member; Fernando Lira shares his story. He speaks of how all his checkups and sports physicals took place at the SBHC. Stating that

The people here are great people, they know what to do.

He goes on to explain there's a “circle of trust” at the SBHC, and how it's a great place to begin and continue your health care journey through building a relationship with the staff. All the while learning what they do and how they can help you. In the end he wants every student to experience the level of trust and confidence he has in the staff at Brookings Harbor High School SBHC.


Click the button below to watch the Youtube video!

From the Statewide Youth Action Council to the Brookings Harbor High School YAC -
"We are so impressed by your work and thank you for inspiring the community to support & utilize SBHCs"                   


SYAC Survey Identifies Demand for Mental Health Care

Our Statewide Youth Action Council (SYAC) used a Participatory Action Research model to examine barriers to mental health services for young people. Working diligently since February of this year using curriculum from the Oregon Health Authority, the SYAC completed surveys and key informant interviews to highlight the need for mental health services and access in the metro area. The project culminated in a visit to Salem to discuss policy with legislators while advocating for school-based health centers. 

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