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Youth Voices: Tobias Rubel's speech at 2014 SBHC Awareness Day

Tobias Rubel is the communications director for OSBHA's Statewide Youth Advisory Council. He recently shared this speech at SBHC Awareness Day in Salem on February 26, 2014. Learn more about Tobias and the Statewide Youth Advisory Council.

Who in here is an expert in law? Anyone? No? Okay great. Anyone in here a health care professional? No? Alright. But who in here has been positively impacted by the healthcare provided by health centers in schools? There we go. I ask because you don’t have to be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a politician to make a change in your community. Every person in this room is making a positive change simply be coming here today. Every one of you has the merit to speak to your representative about your opinions; it is your constitutional right!

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