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This page provides resources and information about Oregon's school-based health centers (SBHCs). These resources are meant to help clarify and define services provided at SBHCs, state certification standards for SBHCs, and general information about minor consent laws, parent/family engagement policies and practices, confidentiality, and key statistics about Oregon youth and SBHC usage.

For questions, please contact, 503.719.4515.

About the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA) and SBHCs

  • General overview of OSBHA as a statewide nonprofit organization
  • Summary of impact of SBHCs on schools and communities
  • Key SBHC statistics
  • Nurse practitioner quote from the document: "In-school health care allows us to teach young people how to take care of themselves, encourage them to make healthy choices, and support them toward their goals. We help build a foundation  for a student's life-long health."
  • Read and download the document


​A Defining Year: Expansion, Partnerships and Evolution of SBHCs Oregon

  • 2015 Status Report about Oregon's SBHCs
  • Produced by the SBHC State Program Office at the Oregon Health Authority
  • SBHC description and usage data
  • Legislative summary and information on the state funding formula for SBHCs
  • Summary of 2014-2015 SBHC Innovation Grants
  • Summary of 2013-2015 SBHC Planning Grants
  • Details on mental health integration
  • Opportunities and challenges for SBHCs
  • Quote from the report: "If it wasn't for my SBHC, many things would have gone untreated. My mother can't always take time off work so the health center is a great option. I know that the staff here are really listening and that they care." -17-year-old SBHC client
  • Read and download the report


Engaging with the Public on Minor Consent, Confidentiality, and SBHC Services

  • Information for providers, families and communities
  • Produced by the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance
  • Clarification about how SBHCs function and what services they provide
  • Details on Oregon minor consent laws
  • Information about parent/family engagement policies and confidentiality
  • Facts about Oregon youth and SBHCs
  • Description of common SBHC services
  • Read and download the report

Oregon SBHC Certification Standards


Honoring a Legacy and Advancing a Future 

  • SBHC history and timeline looking back to the early 1900s
  • ​25-year summary of SBHCs in Oregon
  • Development of Oregon's first SBHC in 1985 at Roosevelt High School
  • Evolution of funding and policy to support SBHCs
  • Advocacy efforts: from a volunteer network to a 501c3 organization
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