"We partner with kids, families, and schools."

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Partnering on concussion management 

"We partner with kids, families, and schools to coordinate services which are in the best interest of the student by supporting them in being ready to learn. One example at the  David Douglas High School SBHC is supporting students who have had a concussion. Students are identified to have had a concussion by coaches, athletic trainers, teachers or parents and are then referred to the SBHC. Two equally important treatment interventions are cognitive rest and athletic rest. Working through the school-based health center, we coordinate with coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, school counselors, and teachers to make sure kids are getting the care indicated. We communicate with the appropriate school personnel to support them in developing an academic accommodation plan and we work with coaches once students are ready to return to sports with a return-to-play protocol. Since we are co-located in the school we can actually put those two pieces together to have a comprehensive treatment plan around concussion care.

"This partnership developed as we became aware of some recent changes in concussion management, and we identified it as a strategy to support the student and school in caring for students who are recovering from a concussion. I think it is much more challenging for an outside healthcare provider to link to the school, coaches, etc. In essence, a SBHC is perfectly aligned in the school to partner and develop assessment and management  protocols to care for its students who have are recovering from concussions."

Kristin Case, FNP
Lead Nurse Practitioner
David Douglas High School SBHC
Multnomah County Health Department 
2015 Top Doctors and Nurses
Portland Monthly, January 2015