Statewide Youth Action Council

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What is the Statewide Youth Action Council?

The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA) is dedicated to promoting the health and academic success of young people. Youth voice is a critical priority for us at OSBHA.
The Statewide Youth Action Council members are student representatives of the ACTION grant sites across Oregon. They work closely with OSBHA to advocate for school-based health in Oregon and gain skills they can bring back to the ACTION grant activities being organized at their schools. They meet once a month to plan and organize for improving the health of their schools.  

What does a Statewide Youth Action Council member do?

  • Act as a representative for the school-based health center at their school
  • Act as a liaison on the behalf of their ACTION grant project
  • Represent and advocate for School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) and school-based health services in Oregon
  • Advocate for equitable and youth friendly services

Meet our 2018-2019 Statewide Youth Action Council:

Sandra Tzintzun-Hernandez

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Statewide Youth Action Council

I currently am a junior in Tualatin High School and this has been my first year in Tigard’s SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee). So far the most memorable project we have done so far was educating students on how to deal with stress during finals week and how to differentiate between healthy coping habits and harmful ones. I am an avid volunteer when it comes to the environment and do a lot of volunteering to help restore the native plants in our community and at school, some hobbies I have are drawing and I look forward to be a part of the Statewide Youth Action Council to expand my horizons while also getting to try being a part of something great as well as improving my community and giving back.

Jada Ramani

Pronouns: Anything

Statewide Youth Action Council

Jada Ramani is 14 (Just about to turn 15), and her future career aspiration is to be a homicide detective. She loves to help people, and she feels a drive to do what's right. Jada was born in Louisiana, and moved to Portland soon after. Roughly three years ago she moved to Tigard and now goes to Tigard High School. She loves to do things that make a difference, and loves trying new things. She does a few clubs outside of school, the main one of her focus is SHAC. She’s an avid learner who can find entertainment with almost everything.

Cing Tawi
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Statewide Youth Action Council


My name is Cing Tawi and I’m from small and poorest country called Burma. I’ve been in United States for 3 years and live in Portland, OR. I came here with “How are you? I’m fine, Thank you and You?” English skill. I started the final year of Middle school and now I’m Junior year in High school. I love to be a part this organization, because it helps me with my confident in communication, helping people with their needs and I hope this will also help me improve my English skill, which I will be needed in my future career in Medical field. I’ve been working with little club (YAC) from my home high school, Centennial High School for over a year and it has been fun and super beneficial for me. I’m glad to continue and doing my best to give help with what I can.