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Youth Blog: Stress In Today’s Youth

Student Health Advocates

Dec 4, 2018

Author Destiny Obgeama
This blog post is by Destiny Obgeama, a member of the OSBHA Student Health Advocates. One of the biggest health concerns for youth today is stress. Stress in youth is often overlooked due to the fact that they are young, and ‘couldn’t possibly have any serious matters to stress about.’ Some adults even try to diminish a young person's feelings because they haven...

Youth Blog: Measure 106: the Backdoor Ban on Abortions

Student Health Advocates

Nov 5, 2018

This blog post is by Mira Hukill, an OSBHA Student Health Advocate. What is it? Measure 106 would prohibit public funds from being spent on abortions, with the small exception if medically necessary, or required by federal law. To qualify as medically necessary, a licensed physician would need to determine that the pregnant woman would suffer an injury or even death unless an abortion is...

Youth Blog: Guns in America

Student Health Advocates

Jun 5, 2018

​OSBHA Student Health Advocate Deza'Rae Collins was recently selected to participate in a journalism project with TIME magazine and Advance Local, devoted to exploring different perspectives about guns in America. Advance Local brought 21 citizens to Washington D.C. for a two-day intensive workshop on the weekend of the March For Our Lives protests. Here, Deza'Rae shares about her...

Youth Blog: Why We Need Mental Health Services At Schools

Student Health Advocates

Apr 20, 2018

This blog post is by Cindy Wu, a Student Health Advocate at OSBHA. Thanks to the work of OSBHA Student Health Advocates along with many other youth and OSBHA partners across Oregon, our 2018 request to the Oregon Legislature for additional mental health funding in schools was granted! Starting in July, Oregon schools will have close to an additional $1 million to support mental health...

Health News You Can Use : Vaccines. One Less Shot

Haylee Williams

Nov 14, 2016

Health News You Can Use : Vaccines. One Less Shot   There’s at least 10 vaccinations the CDC recommends for youth 7-18 years old. That’s at least 10 shots! Keep in mind some require multiple doses. Eeek so many!     But There’s Good News! The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has now reduced that load by one. That’s right the...

Birth Control Linked to Depression

Haylee Williams

Oct 31, 2016

(CNN)Taking hormonal birth control might be associated with an increased risk for depression compared with those who don't use contraception, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry. [...] it is not very surprising that also external artificial hormones acting in the same way and on the same centers as the natural hormones might...

They Did What On Facebook!?

Haylee Williams

Oct 20, 2016

The Brookings Harbor High School YAC Takes Advocacy to Facebook The Brookings Harbor High School YAC wanted everyone to know why SBHCs are so important to the community. They also wanted the district and their fellow students to know exactly what services are available at the SBHC. They wanted to take their advocacy to the next level so….   In partnership...

They say not all superheroes wear capes but can we get neon green tights? No seriously Aquaman looked America’s Next Top Model ready in a pair of those

Haylee Williams

Sep 12, 2016

Who are these people that want neon green tights?   Well “these people” are actually the Statewide Youth Action Council aka Superheroes of Health as we dubbed ourselves at this year's Awareness Day. Sounds exclusive? In a way it is-- superheroes of health are youth health advocates. (More on how you can join the squad later). We are the Statewide Youth Action...

OHEA Mend the Gap Report Released


Nov 17, 2015

The Oregon Health Equity Alliance has released a new report called Mend the Gap to address health care deficiencies for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians.  Today in Oregon, 383,000 people remain uninsured, threatening the prosperity of every county and the economic future of our state. Communities of color, LGBT communities, rural Oregonians, immigrant communities, women and low-...

Healthy Youth Relationship Summit Recap

James Biggers

Jun 1, 2015

On May 9 in beautiful Eugene, Oregon right in the middle of allergy season, I got the opportunity to help facilitate the Oregon School Based Health Alliance’s first ever Healthy Youth Relationship Summit. The summit had a total of ninety young people and adult coordinators and allies from over twenty different schools, organizations, and other agencies in attendance. Speaking from my...