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This blog post is by Annie Jiang, OSBHA's Summer Youth Programs Intern. Annie is a student at Reed College. As an education lover, she strives to make education more accessible and fun to students so that students are able to enjoy the rewarding nature of knowledge.  Cancer, the disease that everyone fears, is not curable yet. However, scientists and medical practitioners have developed
This blog post is by Megan Feely, a former member of the OSBHA Student Health Advocates.  For the last few months, OSBHA Student Health Advocates have been developing youth-led HPV prevention education based on evidence and best practices. Education sessions will be provided to high school students as part of our feasibility study project, funded by the Knight Cancer
At OSBHA, we believe youth voice is critical to healthcare programming, policy, and advocacy. We strive to center the youth voice in everything that we do, and we are actively engaging in practices that redistribute, share and build power with youth to change systems of inequity. When OSBHA Student Health Advocates were invited to submit a proposal to present at the 2018 Oregon HPV Summit, they
  This blog post is by Trace Terrell, a member of La Pine High School Youth Action Council  Hello everybody! My name is Trace Terrell, im 15, and I am involved with YouthLine: a free, confidential, teen-to-teen crisis help support hotline for teens, and in my schools YAC (Youth Action Council). This blog post represents my personal views, not those of the YAC or YouthLine. Being a