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2018 School Health Advocacy Day. On February 6, over 150 youth met with legislators to advocate for school health!



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This blog post is by James Biggers, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.  Hello beautiful readers. The last time I wrote something like this was around five years ago when I wrote about the negative impact social media has on relationships. And by the numbers I actually did a pretty bang-up job. For a time it was the most viewed page on our entire website. In writing that blog
This blog post is by Jessica Griepenburg, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates.  What is birth control? Birth control, simply put, is pregnancy prevention. But there are countless methods and types that help with all sorts of things, including menstruation control and prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).   Though birth control use is mostly accepted among
In 2016, OSBHA worked to pass a bill to pilot trauma informed schools and funds were allocated to support two pilot schools, Tigard High School (THS) and Central High School (CHS) in Independence, OR. This is the third year of the pilot. OSBHA has been providing technical assistance to the two schools, working closely with the Trauma Informed Schools Coordinators’ hired to transform the
We are always thrilled to hear about Oregon SBHCs taking innovative approaches to providing care to youth. Bethel Health Center is one of those SBHCs. OSBHA Executive Director Laurie Huffman (pictured right) recently sat down with Bethel Health Center Director Brooke Cottle (pictured left) to discuss community partnerships, youth mental health, and more. Laurie Huffman: Thanks for meeting with