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Who are the OSBHA Student Health Advocates?

Youth voice is a critical priority for us at the Oregon-School Based Health Alliance (OSBHA). Student Health Advocates (SHA) promote the value of school-based health across Oregon. OSBHA offers this leadership opportunity to young people in high school and college across Oregon who are interested in becoming a voice not only for their own health but for the health of their peers and community 

What do Student Health Advocates do?
  • Advocate for local and statewide school-based health centers
  • Advocate for health equity and social justice legislative efforts
  • Attends listening sessions
  • Provide feedback
  • Participate in OSBHA events, such as School Health Advocacy Day
  • Work effectively within diverse communities and settings

How do I connect with the Student Health Advocates for an event, workshop, or training?
If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with OSBHA Student Health Advocates, please contact Asia Gates, Youth Engagement Coordinator, at

How do I become a Student Health Advocate?
The 2022-2023 cohort application is live on September 1st, 2022, and can be found here. The application deadline has been extended to Saturday, October 8th, 2022, at 5 pm PDT. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page. 

Benefits of becoming a Student Health Advocate:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Positive impact on your community
  • Relationship and team-building skills
  • Policy advocacy skills
  • Deepened relationship to social justice

Meet our 2021 - 2022 Student Health Advocates Cohort:

Chloe Website.png
Chloe Acosta
Pronouns: She/Her
Student Health Advocate

Chloe Acosta is a senior at Butte Falls Charter School. Chloe joined the Student Health Advocates to help spread mental health awareness. Chloe volunteers her time at a mental health crisis text line called 7Cups where she serves as a Verified Listener. Chloe is heavily involved in student government and is currently serving as Butte Falls Charter School Student Body President. Chloe has received multiple awards for her academic and sports excellency. Chloe will be representing Butte Falls Charter School in the 2022 Pear Blossom Festival Court. Chloe is also taking early entry college courses at Rogue Community College to help further her education. Chloe plans to work in the healthcare field as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.


Erika Centina-Huchin
Pronouns: She/Her
Student Health Advocate

Erika Cetina-Huchin is a returning student health advocate with Oregon School-Based Health Alliance. Erika is a junior at Jefferson High School where she is involved in various clubs including Youth Action Council. Erika has always been passionate about health since her freshman year. Erika has been involved in many programs and internships health related that helped her grow her interest for health even more. Her goal is to raise awareness about health resources and continue to advocate for School Based Health Centers. Erika aspires to be a nurse and would like to work at local clinics where she can give back to her community and work with low-income families.


Fartuun Yusuf
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Student Health Advocate

Fartuun Yusuf is a senior at Franklin High School, a third-year student health advocate who works with the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance to inform and spread awareness on topics such as youth-friendly healthcare. As a Black Muslim Woman (first-generation Somali American), Fartuun is passionate about topics that impact minorities especially; social issues such as racial disparities within healthcare. Fartuun is involved with the Black Student Union, YAC (youth action council), AVID, and the Congress Of Future Medical Leaders. Fartuun believes that healthcare access and education should be available to every student. Fartuun aspires to be in the medical field, specifically, a diabetic educator as a type one diabetic herself, wanting to educate, debunking stereotypes that come with the disease but also share her experiences with other ‚Äč


Lane Website.pngLane Shaffer
Pronouns: He/Him
Student Health Advocate

Lane Shaffer comes to the Student Health Advocate position with four years experience in the Multnomah Youth Commission, three years with Youth Action Councils, and experience working with people from all backgrounds and ages. Lane is especially passionate about expanding transit access for youth and improving mental health services within School Health Centers. Lane spends his time wrestling, playing football, doing judo, and podcasting with the All in my Head Podcast. Lane looks forward to a cleaner, healthier future where young people can focus on being kids rather than fighting for their livelihood.

Lauren Website.png
Lauren Metcalf
Pronouns: She/Her
Student Health Advocate

Lauren Metcalf  is 16 and a Sophomore at Cleveland High School. This is her first year being a Student Based Health Alliance Advocate. Lauren is involved with several other organizations. She is a Planned Parenthood Teen council member, a volunteer with YouthLine, and a Advocates for youth 1807 YAC member. Lauren also is the head of her school's Free Period club, and participates in Cleveland's Youth Action Council, she is also enrolled in advanced leadership. Alongside this she also assisted in the creation of the All In My Head Podcast. With all of Laurens work, her goal is to better her community and destigmatize reproductive health, resulting in a more protected and educated community! When she is not participating in activism work, she is rowing. Ever since she started the sport nearly three years ago, she instantly fell in love, and it has helped her learn how far hard work and dedication can take you.

Lynette Website.png
Lynette Damo
Pronouns: She/Her
Student Health Advocate

Lynette Damo, often going by Lyn, is from Century High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. Only in her senior year, she connected with clubs like Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) and now Student Health Advocate (SHA) to get an insightful view of her and other adolescents' health. She felt that since she was raised in a household where mental and sexual health was taboo, it took her a while to feel comfortable with her own. Now on the verge of adulthood and in a welcoming space given by the SHA committee, she will expand her knowledge about health as it is one of the most important aspects of people's lives. For as long as Lynette remembered, she wanted to be in the medical field, specifically a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. By being in SHA, Lyn wishes that she would utilize the experience and lessons garnered here in the future to help the next generation of youth.


Maddie Website.png
Maddie Davis
Pronouns: She/her
Student Health Advocate

Coming Soon


Mirea Bacit
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Student Health Advocates

Mirea Bacit is a third year member of OSBHA. She is a sophomore at PCC, majoring in Emergency Medical Services with a goal of becoming a licensed Paramedic. She is still working towards her goal of being an ER doctor and surgeon. With her knowledge on emergency care and trauma informed care, she plans on using that to reach out and provide better care for youth, who are often overlooked in patient relations. Mirea believes that youth deserve the right to be an advocate for themselves as well as have healthcare workers advocate for their health as well.


Natalie Website.png
Natalie Centina-Huchin
Pronouns: She/Her
Student Health Advocate


Natalie Cetina-Huchin is a Student Health Advocate with Oregon School-Based Health Alliance. Natalie is a freshman at Pacific University, majoring in Public Health and minoring in biology. Her goal is to use her voice to raise awareness about addiction and mental health issues that impact her Latinx community and students in Oregon. Natalie aspires to be a Dentist and would like to travel to provide free dental care for low-income families in developing countries.


Nhi Website.png 

Nhi Tang
Pronouns: She/Her
Student Health Advocate


Nhi Tang is a senior at Franklin High School who is a Student Health Advocate with Oregon

School-Based Health Alliance, and her goal is to spread awareness on access to student health care. Nhi believes health care should be accessible to youth with available resources; Nhi feels healthcare access is a human right that everyone should be able to have access to. Nhi is also involved with the Asian American Association Club, ASPIRE, Korean Dance Club, and Franklin Student Store. Nhi's long-term goal is to become a medical technologist, because she loves doing lab work and finds it interesting learning about different diseases and finding out the cause of why.


Tracy Website.png
Tracy Zhen
Pronous: She/Her
Student Health Advocate


Tracy is a sophomore at Benson Polytechnic High School and a Student Health Advocate for Oregon School-Based Health Alliance. Tracy believes in student voice,

unrestricted access to healthcare, and the value of school-based health centers across Oregon. Tracy is involved with the Youth Action Council, Multnomah Youth

Commission, HOSA - Future Health Professionals, Student Body Government, National Honors Society, and volleyball. Tracy aspires to be in the healthcare field as

she pursues her interest in healthcare through extracurriculars and the Health Sciences Academy at Benson.