Board of Directors

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Danniy Rosen Headshot.jpgDanni/y Rosen (she/her/Hers; He/Him/His), Co-Chair

Danni/y Rosen is the current chair for the Oregon Chapter of GLSEN.  He also serves as a Co-Chair of the GLSEN National Advisory Board. Danni/y serves on the Basic Rights Oregon Board (Basic Rights Education Board - 503c3 board).  She is a retiree from a career in Information Technology and has provided training related to the LGBTQ community for close to 20 years to members of the Portland Police Bureau, various medical and nursing programs, and schools ranging from elementary ages to Graduate programs. Danni/y has also served as Co-Chair of the Portland Police Bureau Alliance for Safer Communities (previously known as the Sexual Minorities Round Table). He volunteers with the Portland Police Bureau as Crisis Response Team member and has been a citizen panel member serving on various Bureau committees. Her passion is creating safe and healthy communities and schools for everyone.  Danni/y has been a board member since 2018.
Tarrah Adams Headshot Square.pngTarrah Adam(she/her), Treasurer

Tarrah is a co-founder of Moxie Financial, a small bookkeeping firm based in Portland. She has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Accounting from The University of Texas at Arlington. Tarrah saw the effects mental illness can impart on communities first hand from a young age. She is now a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, particularly within the young adult & minority communities. When she’s not immersed in spreadsheets and numbers, Tarrah enjoys hiking with her dog and spending time at home with her teenage daughter. Tarrah has been a board member since 2018.

James Biggers_1.jpgJames Biggers (he/him)

James is a new member of the board this year but has worked with the OSBHA since 2013 after joining the Statewide Youth Action Council, now called the Student Health Advocates, in his senior year of high school. As a member of SHA he worked on developing the Eye to Eye training along with many of the early foundational policies for the SHA. He has worked on countless advocacy projects which have taken him not only all around the state but across the country as well. Now that he has reached the age limit for the SHA he is excited to begin this next step as a member of the board and is ready to learn as much as he possibly can. James has been a member of the board since 2020.

large_Sarah Fast Pic Square_0.pngSarah Fast(she/her)

Sarah was born and raised in the Portland Metropolitan Area and her experience growing up as a Latinx in a wealthy, predominantly white, community led to her interest of the complex issues and dynamics at the intersection of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Sarah has dedicated her professional career to advocating for individuals and communities who have historically been marginalized and continue to go underserved in systems that perpetuate oppression. She spent over ten years in the nonprofit sector, helping community based organizations redress their own beliefs, practices, and policies with an equity lens, and further align their mission to serving communities with authenticity. Sarah now works for Multnomah County Public Health as leader in the Youth Sexual Health Equity Program, and remains committed to bringing awareness how systemic inequities affect our society and the health of individuals. Sarah has been a member of the board since 2018.
Jeremiah Rigsby (he/him)

Jeremiah Rigsby is the Chief of Staff at CareOregon. Jeremiah moved to Oregon in 2011 to attend Lewis and Clark Law School. Before moving to Oregon, Jeremiah was a congressional aide to US Congressman Henry Cuellar (2006-2009) and US Congressman Kurt Schrader (2009-2011). During his time on the Hill, Jeremiah worked on a number of policy issues, but focused on health care policy through the development and passage of the Affordable Care Act. After completing law school, Jeremiah joined CareOregon to help develop and advocate for Medicaid and Medicare policy. 

Bill Thomas(he/him)

Bill Thomas, MSW, MSc. has been director of children and family services for the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services since 2004, and has been involved in the management of human services in both public and private agencies for over 35 years. Bill's wide-ranging experience encompasses planning and administration for aging, community action, family services, health, housing, mental health, and substance abuse programs. He has graduate degrees from Portland State University and the London School of Economics.