Technical Assistance

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Technical Assistance and Training

The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance serves as the central connecting point for SBHC professionals. School health care professionals across Oregon have participated in surveys to identify training and technical assistance needs to which OSBHA has responded with focused professional opportunities.

On a daily basis, information and referral requests via phone and email receive personal attention from our staff. Each month of the school year, we offer a conference call to discuss topics relevant to providing sustainable services at the SBHC. This includes improving access, increasing quality care, leveraging funding or addressing the impact of policy and legislation.

Quarterly, we collaborate with the State Program Office at the Department of Human Services to provide information and training to SBHC staff via teleconferencing and/or in person. Additionally, we offer regional trainings to site staff, educators, medical sponsors, advocatess and others who can help expand the success of the local community support of the SBHC.

Each fall, we host a statewide conference for all SBHC staff. Conference topics are current and relevant to working with students, meeting their emotional and medical needs.  Additional support is given to help sites develop engagement at the local level, including the children they serve and their families.