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Skye Garrett, SYAC volunteer, on why it's imporant for young people to pay attention to health


Tobias Rubel, SYAC volunteer, on organizing other youth around health care issues


Ketchura Antoine, SYAC volunteer, on the importance of understanding teen health issues


SYAC Coordinator Julia Hakes on the importance of school-based health centers


2011 Statewide YAC video

Produced in partnership with FamilyCare.

Empowering Students to Manage Their Health


Bethel Health Center promotes their SBHC!

The Bethel Health Center made this video to promote their school-based health center and the services teens can receive! 


Century High School students promote their new SBHC!

Check out this video featuring Century High School students promoting their SBHC that opened in March 2013!

Want more information about their center? Visit the Hillsboro School District webpage.