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ACTION Grant Program 2019-2021

Applications for the 2019-2021 ACTION grant cycle have closed. Stay tuned for more info on our 2019-2021 ACTION grant recipients.

Thanks to the generosity of the EC Brown Foundation, we are thrilled to offer grants to SBHCs across the state to facilitate healthy youth relationships programming in your communities. The ACTION grant program assists school-based health centers (SBHCs) as they work with adolescents to develop healthy relationship skills and knowledge, with a specific focus on social and sexual health.

2019-2021 ACTION grant projects must include one or more SBHCs or planning sites, as well as the following components:

  1. Implementing 8 related lessons per school year with the Youth Action Council. These lessons can be youth or adult-led. Lessons can be selected from the following curricula:
    • It’s All One is a free human rights, healthy relationships, and sexual health curriculum that meets 70% of the Oregon Standards and Benchmarks for Health Education as related to healthy relationships.
    • My Future-My Choice is a comprehensive, medically accurate, inclusive and trauma informed sexuality education curriculum. It meets the 6th grade requirements of Oregon’s Health Education Standards, including Erin's Law and House Bill 2509 to provide age-appropriate sexuality education as an integral part of the health education curriculum.
    • Alternate curricula can be used with OSBHA approval. With all curricula, include tactics from A Trauma Informed Approach for Adolescent Sexual Health
  2. Building partnerships within the school community and community-based agencies to develop self-sustainable ways to educate youth about healthy relationships and sexual health, and create an environment in which youth have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for them to participate in healthier relationships and become advocates for healthy relationships in their communities.
  3. In year 2, hosting a youth-led summit that intends to create space for youth to learn about and build leadership skills around promoting healthy relationship and sexual health topics. 

Projects should have a budget up to $20,000 and must be achievable within a two-year timeframe.

2017-2019 ACTION grant recipients include:

  • Multnomah County, Centennial and Roosevelt SBHCs
  • Washington County, Forest Grove and Tigard SBHCs
  • Umatilla County, Pendleton SBHC
  • Columbia County: Rainier, Vernonia, and Sacagawea SBHCs​