National and State Affiliations

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The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance is an affiliate of the School-Based Health Alliance in Washington DC. This relationship reflects the desire of both parties to strengthen a national network of organizations representing and working on behalf of children, adolescents, their families, and school-based health care. 

Building from an agreement to share in the School-Based Health Alliance board-approved mission, vision, and core values, School-Based Health Alliance and State Affiliates assist each other in building a comprehensive coalition and a grassroots movement to advance a federal policy agenda supportive of school-based and school-linked health services. 

Additional State Organizations

Arizona:  Arizona School-Based Health Care Council, Inc.
California: California School-Based Health Alliance
Colorado: Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care
Connecticut: Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers, Inc.
Delaware: Delaware School Based Health Alliance
Georgia: Georgia School-Based Health Alliance
Florida: Florida Coalition for School Based Health Care
Illinois: Illinois Coalition for School Health Centers
Louisiana: Louisiana School-Based Health Alliance
Maine: Maine Assembly on School-Based Health Care
Maryland: Maryland Assembly on School-Based Health Care
MichiganSchool Community Health Alliance of Michigan
New MexicoNew Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care
New York: New York State Coalition for School-Based Health Centers
North Carolina: North Carolina School Community Health Alliance
Ohio: Ohio School-Based Health Care Association
Washington: Washington Alliance for School-Based Health Care
West Virginia: West Virginia School-Based Health Assembly