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March 12, 2018
For Immediate Release

Oregon School-Based Health Alliance Successful in Request to Legislature for School Mental Health Services

The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA) is very happy to announce that our request to the Oregon Legislature for additional mental health funding in schools has been granted! Starting in July, Oregon schools will have close to an additional $1 million to support mental health services. The school-based mental health capacity fund is run by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and provides funding to place mental health providers in school-based health centers (SBHCs) and in schools without SBHCs. This additional funding will expand mental health service access and capacity in schools where the demand far exceeds current capacity. Funding will help support youth health, safety and ability to learn.

We extend our warmest thanks to all who supported this request, including our powerful Student Health Advocates; the 150+ youth who participated in our February 6th School Health Advocacy Day at the Capitol; key legislators Rep. Nathanson, Rep. Whisnant, Rep. Smith Warner, Sen. Steiner Hayward, Rep. Alonso Leon, House Speaker Kotek, Senate President Courtney Rep.Malstrom; and all of our partner organizations.

Students Raylene Kisor, Vy Nguyen and Marian Mumin from Parkrose gathered in the office of Rep. Barbara Smith Warner with school health center nurse Danaya Hall at OSBHA School Health Advocacy Day on February 6, 2018. Photo from Multnomah County.

For more information, contact Maureen Hinman at 
maureen@osbha.org or 503-719-4515.