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2023 Legislative Priorities

The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance is looking for endorsements for our 2023 Legislative Policy Agenda: The 2023 School Health Crisis Response Package with Innovative Funding Mechanisms. 

We are hosting a School Health Crisis Response Coalition to get input and support for this package as we prepare for the 2023 Legislative Session.  If you haven't been invited to the coalition meetings and would like to attend please email Jessica@osbha.org

More Information about our 2023 Policy Agenda: Oregon School Based Health Alliance 2023 Legislative Agenda

Sign up to Endorse the 2023 School Health Crisis Response Package: Oregon School Based Health Alliance 2023 Legislative Agenda Endorsement Form

Interested in submitting written testimony to the Legislative Committee on SB 549? Here is a testimony template to get you started. 

2019 Legislative Priorities

Below is a brief description of our 2019 legislative concepts.

Extend and Expand Trauma Informed Schools (HB 2026) – In 2016 we passed a bill to pilot trauma informed schools and funds were allocated to support two pilot schools. We have learned a lot through their work and want to support them to go deeper and broader while continuing evaluation. In addition, we’d like the opportunity to learn from more schools with different characteristics.

School Nurse and School-Based Health Center Telehealth Pilot (SB 130) – We believe we can get more services to kids in schools where there is not an SBHC by connecting a school nurse in one school to an SBHC in a different location. 

School Health Planning Grants and Flexible Funding (HB 3165) – This would fund a community engagement and business planning process to allow communities to identify and prioritize the services they need. Once the planning process is complete, funding would help support either a school-based health center, school nurse, mental health provider, or a trauma informed schools program based on their priorities and existing resources.

For more information, contact Maureen Hinman at 
maureen@osbha.org or 503-719-4515.