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The Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA), as a statewide advocate for school-based health centers and improved school health services for Oregon's K-12 population, offers a range of services and expertise for communities and stakeholders working toward better health and education outcomes at the local level. We are experts in school-based health and can help you create successful services, training, and programs. 

Grant Writing and Implementation

  • Help for local communities, SBHCs and/or schools to conceptualize, frame, focus and write funding proposals related to school-based health care
  • Consultation on grant or program implementation strategies
  • Grant reporting consults, including reporting template development

SBHC Planning and Development

  • Community engagement including:
    • Identifying and convening stakeholders and partners
    • Discussion facilitation with identification and exploration of desired services, concerns
    • Develop a cohesive, agreed-upon plan
    • Resource identification and development
    • Designated process guide who will attend key community meetings to provide additional support as needed
    • Support and tools for dealing with opposition
    • Support for establishing and managing advisory councils
  • Business planning, include financial structure and tools
  • Planning for data identification and organization

Partnership Development

  • SBHC-school
  • SBHC-school nurse

Service Expansion for Current SBHCs

  • Mental health
  • Substance use disorder
  • Contraception
  • Oral health

Youth Council Development

  • Recruitment strategies
  • Project planning
  • Direct technical assistance and feedback from Statewide Youth Action Council members

Marketing and Communication

  • Develop community-specific plans for broad or population-specific SBHC marketing

Targeted Advocacy

  • For strategic, immediate, or longer-term planning

SBHC Team Building

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Intervention

Staff Skill Development

  • Communicating effectively with youth
    • Featured training: Eye to Eye: Discussing Sensitive Topics with Youth provided by our seasoned Student Health Advocates
  • Using SBIRT and CRAFFT in SBHCs
  • Addiction assessment
  • Providing mental health services for specific disorders: depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder
  • How to connect with disconnected youth
  • How to connect with disconnected families
  • Professional boundaries, ethics and working in SBHCs
  • ​OSBHA can offer continuing education credits for trainings based on participant needs

Price Structure

OSBHA will provide estimates based on client needs and the scope of work. Travel expenses will be itemized in the estimate and will reflect actual costs. Please call or email to discuss your needs and next steps.

Contact for Inquiries and Questions

Laurie Huffman, Executive Director,, 503.719.4515