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What is the OSBHA Youth Corps? Salma facilitating.jpg

The Youth Corps enables OSBHA to continue to place youth in positions that create youth-adult partnerships that are indeed a partnership. The Youth Corps Internship Program creates a space where youth voices can be input from the beginning stages of each OSBHA project. Corps interns build professional development skills such as relationship and team-building, communication and public speaking, goal setting, event planning, and project management that allow them to complete project-related deliverables, listening sessions, and youth events.


What does a Youth Corps intern do? 


Two interns will be focused on HPV sexual health education, and two interns will be focused on School Health Advocacy Day. Under the guidance and mentorship of the Youth Engagement Coordinator, the Youth Corps interns will be trained on communication skills, designing outreach materials for social media, facilitating meetings and listening sessions, developing educational presentations for youth and adults, assisting in data collection, collaborating with OSBHA staff and other Youth Corps interns, and be given the opportunity for additional learning experiences as available 


How do I connect with Youth Corps members to facilitate youth listening sessions or provide HPV training?


If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with OSBHA Youth Corps, please contact Asia Gates at


How do  I become a Youth Corps intern? 


OSBHA is hiring interns for the Youth Corps 2022-23 cohort! For the Legislative Advocate application, click here for more information. For the Youth Health Advocate application, click here for more details. Applications for the Youth Corps close on August 31, 2022, at 5 pm PDT. If you have any questions or are interested in the program, please contact Asia Gates at


Benefits of becoming a Youth Corps intern:

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Positive impact on your community

  • Relationship and team-building skills

  • Policy advocacy skills

  • Deepened relationship to social justice

Stay Tuned for information on our 2022-2023 Youth Corps Intern Cohort

Meet our 2021-2022 Youth Corps Intern Cohort:

Audrey Website.png

Audrey Bong, OSBHA Youth Corps Legislative Advocate

Audrey Bong is a Legislative Advocate who works as a Youth Corps Intern with the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance and their goal is to advocate for equal access to healthcare and further educate youth on health systems and issues.

Audrey volunteers at Youthline, a teen crisis line, where she provides deescalation for youth experiencing mental health crises. She is a junior at Riverdale High School, who enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends on the weekend.

Audrey aspires to work in the public health system because she wants to address the lack of accessibility for communities who have been marginalized by uneven power structures in the health system and promote more equitable and accessible healthcare. She believes that all people deserve to be happy, healthy, and thriving in all aspects of life because social determinants of health affect our physical health.

Karlie Website.png
Karlie Lee, OSBHA Youth Corps Youth Health Advocate

Karlie Lee is a Youth Health Advocate who works as a Youth Corps Intern with Oregon School-Based Health Alliance and goal is to help educate youth about their healthcare rights and access to healthcare as well as work on expanding the diversity in healthcare education

Karlie believes in healthcare being accessible for all people and having healthcare be encompassing to the individual needs of society because not every person requires the same healthcare plan and deserves to get their needs and wants be met. From personal experience Karlie knows that healthcare is not “one size fits all” and she wants to make sure that everyone gets the chance to experience healthcare that tailors to their needs. She believes it is important that all people know about the many options/paths they can take when it comes to their health so they can make an educated decision on what is right for them. She has worked at a daycare where bodily autonomy was a huge part of the education and values. Teaching kids from a very early age that their body is theirs and not only how to treat and respect their bodies, but the bodies of others around them as well. 

Karlie is in her fifth year at Portland State University (and will graduate this June 2022) and enjoys playing volleyball as she is the club leader at Portland State University. She enjoys finding new places to eat as well as spending quality time with loved ones in any way shape or form. 

Karlie aspires to be a physical therapist because everyone deserves to have a body that functions to its fullest capacity. She wants to be able to help people live their lives and do activities that bring them joy and comfort, as well as educate them on how to care for their bodies in the future for the goal of longevity. 
Lucy Website.png
Lucy Polich, OSBHA Youth Corps Legislative Advocate

Lucy Polich is a Youth Legislative Advocate who works as a Youth Corps Intern with Oregon School-Based Health Alliance. Her goal is to help students learn how to advocate their needs and be confident in sharing their story.

Growing up deaf, Lucy had a strong support system who encouraged her to advocate for herself and foster independence for all of her hearing and learning needs in and out of the classroom. Lucy believes students should be able to advocate to their state representatives what they need for their community regardless of personal background. She also believes in teaching students and young adults about the importance of taking care of your body as well as treating it right with kindness, including the mind and soul.

Lucy is a senior at Portland State University earning a Bachelor degree in both Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Graphic Design. In her free time, she enjoys hiking Oregon’s trails with her dog, Ozzie, working on crafts like knitting and basket weaving, baking yummy treats, and playing board games with her friends and family.