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This blog post is by Mirea Bacit, a member of OSBHA Student Health Advocates

Everyone knows that relationships as fun as they can be, aren’t always perfect, whether you’re dating or married. Though problems are prevalent in every relationship, they’re seen more within teens and young adults. In a time full of self-discovery and growth, it’s important to communicate with your partner on your needs, wants, and goals. Although that’s easier said than done. Sometimes communicating with your partner can be hard, especially if it’s a tough or embarrassing topic. However, as quoted by Dr. Michele Kerulis, a relationship and dating expert to Bustle, communication “also provides opportunities to approach topics like sex and romance, stress management, and conflict resolution” (Emery). So in this post, I’ll be giving some ways to improve your communication skills!

  1. Listen and comprehend!
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           One of the most common mistakes of communication is voicing what you need, but the other person not listening (and vice versa). Communicating isn’t limited to just voicing your needs. You can talk all you want, but if the other person isn’t comprehending and taking the things you say into account, it means nothing. Participation is key!
  1. Be straightforward and don’t sugarcoat things.
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            When people attempt to talk things out, oftentimes, one person will say certain things in order to avoid their main point. This can include fear of upsetting your partner or losing them completely. While it’s not bad to take your partner’s feelings into account, it’s always better for someone to hear the harsh truth than a glazed lie/partial truth. 
  1. Don’t wait for things to build up!
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            Often times, people will want to bottle things up for whatever reason. However, whatever reason it may be, doing this often hurts not just one, but both people in the relationship. Waiting for things to build up can lead to unnecessary problems to occur, intensified negative feelings, etc. It’s always better to say things now than later!
  1. Not everything you talk about has to be bad.
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            This is similar to number three, but remember that communication isn’t limited to only talking about the bad things. It’s good to talk about the bad things but don’t forget to talk about the good things too! Tell them what you like about them, what you want to do for dates, the future, etc. By talking about positive things in your relationship, it can strengthen it immensely and keep things interesting!
Now that you know some tips on how to communicate better with your partner, you’ll be able to address problems, plan for the future, and whatever else. Although everyone has different comfort levels with talking about tough things, hopefully, these tips will give you some guidance! 

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