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Interview with OSBHA's New Board Co-Chair

OSBHA is so happy to welcome Sarah Fast as our new Board Co-Chair. In this interview, she explains what brought her to this work and where we're going from here.
Please describe your background and how it brings you to OSBHA.

School Health Services Planning Grant

We are proud of conceptualizing and advocating for legislation that funded the School Health Services Planning Grant (RFGP 4855-0), issued by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). This funding will support up to 12 school districts or ESDs to evaluate the need for school-based health services in their respective communities and will then fund up to 6 new school-based health centers and up to 4 sites to pilot a school nursing model. Proposals are due 9/20/2019.

HPV Update from our Youth Programs Intern

This blog post is by Annie Jiang, OSBHA's Summer Youth Programs Intern. Annie is a student at Reed College. As an education lover, she strives to make education more accessible and fun to students so that students are able to enjoy the rewarding nature of knowledge. 

Oregon HPV Vaccination Week & Youth Voice

Four students and one OSBHA employee standing in front of white building wearing & holding up HPV week t-shirtsAt OSBHA, we believe youth voice is critical to healthcare programming, policy, and advocacy. We strive to center the youth voice in everything that we do, and we are actively engaging in practices that redistribute, share and build power with youth to change systems of inequity.


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